Augment, a competitor of GitHub Copilot and backed by Eric Schmidt, emerges from stealth mode with a launch of $252 million

Calvin D

AI startup Augment, backed by Eric Schmidt, launches with $252M to rival GitHub Copilot in coding assistance.

The AI coding assistant realm is getting a substantial boost with the introduction of Augment, a platform co-founded by former Microsoft developer Igor Ostrovsky and backed by tech heavyweights including Eric Schmidt. With a $252 million launch funding, Augment is positioned as a direct competitor to existing products like GitHub Copilot, offering improvements in software development efficiency and quality through AI assistance. The platform has yet to reveal detailed offerings but emphasizes prioritization of understanding developers' needs and better intellectual property protections.

Despite the advent of numerous AI coding assistants from tech giants and startups alike, Augment distinguishes itself with a considerable investment and a promise to address common issues faced by developers, including software vulnerabilities and IP concerns. The stealthy approach to its development and details around its AI models and user experience leaves the tech community anticipating how Augment will differentiate its services in a crowded marketplace. With a focus on enhancing team productivity and the joy of programming, Augment aims to carve out a significant niche among AI-driven development tools.

The industry's response to such tools has been mixed, with concerns over code quality and security vulnerabilities. Augment's ambition to overcome these hurdles while ensuring IP protection suggests a forward-looking strategy that could set new standards for AI coding assistance. As the market evolves, Augment's contributions to AI-driven development will be closely watched, especially given its strong backing and ambitious goals. The startup's success will hinge on its ability to offer unique value in enhancing software development processes and addressing the current limitations of existing AI coding assistants.