Gurman: iOS 18 AI features to be powered by entirely On-Device LLM, offering privacy and speed benefits

Calvin D

iOS 18 AI features to use on-device LLM, Apple stops FineWoven production, new AirPods Pro 2 features, iPhone 16 may lose buttons.

Rumors suggest that Apple's next big software update, iOS 18, will significantly leverage artificial intelligence through a large language model (LLM) that operates entirely on the device. This move is expected to offer substantial privacy and speed benefits to users, marking a significant milestone in mobile computing by minimizing data sent to the cloud for processing. This development follows Apple's historical emphasis on user privacy and technological innovation, aiming to set new standards for smartphone capabilities.

In a separate development, Apple has reportedly ceased the production of its FineWoven cases and watch bands, following customer complaints. Although specific details of the complaints are not disclosed, this decision indicates Apple's responsiveness to user feedback and its commitment to maintaining high-quality standards for its accessories range. This move might pave the way for new materials or designs in Apple's accessory lineup.

Lastly, speculation surrounding the iPhone 16 suggests that Apple could be planning to remove physical buttons, favoring a completely seamless design. This rumor aligns with the industry's trend toward more minimalist and sleek device designs, potentially offering a new interaction experience for users. Eliminating physical buttons could also lead to improvements in the device's water resistance and durability, highlighting Apple's ongoing innovation in smartphone design.