Tinder introduces a 'Share My Date' feature allowing users to share their date plans with interested friends

Calvin D

Tinder introduces 'Share My Date' allowing users to share date details with friends for safety and feedback.

Tinder's 'Share My Date' feature responds to common practice among daters of sharing date information with friends for safety reasons and to gather feedback on match profiles. With this new tool, users can now send a tailored link with the name, photo, and age of their match, and date specifics like location, date, and time directly from the Tinder app. It includes an optional note section for personal messages, and the ability to edit details, offering flexibility in planning. The links are designed to expire after a specified period to discourage misuse, such as sharing on social media platforms.

This development is informed by Tinder’s user data revealing a trend among singles under 30 to discuss their dating plans with friends. The feature not only facilitates this exchange but also integrates friends in the dating process in a safer and more engaging manner. Tinder's Chief Marketing Officer, Melissa Hobley, emphasized the importance of incorporating friends and family into dating rituals for a more enjoyable and secure experience. The initiative reflects Tinder's commitment to improving user experience through innovative features that support dating in the digital age.

The introduction of 'Share My Date' comes as the dating app industry witnesses sluggish growth, with a slight increase in installations but a decrease in the number of paying customers on Tinder. It is part of Tinder's broader strategy to rejuvenate interest and activity on the platform by offering more value-added features. Scheduled to be available in several countries, the feature signifies an effort to adapt to user needs and preferences, potentially influencing the future direction of online dating practices.