Fan-made Nintendo network replacement 'Pretendo' no longer requires a hacked Wii U

Calvin D

With the official online services for the Wii U and 3DS coming to an end on 9th April, enthusiasts have wasted no time in providing alternatives. An exciting development has emerged for Wii U owners reluctant to mod their systems: the Pretendo Network. This fan-driven replacement offers a way to remain connected without the need for hacking.

In a recent announcement, Pretendo unveiled 'SSSL', a private exploit that works around the need for homebrew installations, allowing a standard Wii U console to access Pretendo Network effortlessly. The only requirement mentioned is a simple DNS adjustment to enable this connection, with detailed setup guidance provided on their website.

This breakthrough exploits a specific bug in the Wii U's SSL module version 5.5.5. The Pretendo team had been aware of this vulnerability but hesitated to share it, fearing it might be fixed if disclosed too widely.

However, it's essential to note some limitations. Games with independent SSL libraries, such as WATCH_DOGS and YouTube, won't benefit from this server emulation. Also, the Pretendo team clarified that this workaround is exclusively for Wii U users, with no current solution for 3DS gamers.

Overall, for those looking to extend the life of their Wii U's online capabilities without delving into the world of console modification, Pretendo Network's recent developments offer a promising avenue.