Google is set to introduce AI-powered features that run on-device for the Pixel 8 soon

Calvin D

Google today shared news that it will introduce new AI abilities like making recording summaries and smart suggestions directly on the Pixel 8 phone. These tools are built using Gemini Nano, a compact AI model Google unveiled last year, designed to work smoothly on mobile devices.

The business mentioned that a preview of Summarizer for Recorder and Smart Reply for Gboard will come with the next Pixel update. These additions were first talked about during the Pixel 8 introduction last October. So far, features using Gemini Nano were limited to the Pixel 8 Pro and the Galaxy S24.

"Large language models need to adapt to various phone memories to provide a good experience, and we've been working on this with the Pixel 8. We're eager for more people and developers to test Gemini Nano, to gather their input and to fuel further creative uses," said the firm.

Historically, Google's AI features have depended on internet-based resources, even when designed for mobile use.

In January, Google launched "Circle to Search" for some Pixel and Samsung phones. This week, the company has expanded the availability to more Pixel and Samsung smartphones, and certain tablets. They're also enhancing the feature to immediately translate text seen on the device's screen.