Logitech wants you to try its new AI button

Calvin D

The future of AI integration into PCs is getting a new twist with Logitech introducing a feature that allows you to use ChatGPT with just a click. This new function is known as the Logi AI Prompt Builder, accessible through a special button on Logitech mice and keyboards. Rather than merely opening a chat interface, the tool offers users preset commands or "recipes" to efficiently utilize AI for tasks such as rephrasing text, summarizing documents, or even creating images if you're a ChatGPT Plus subscriber.

Initially, I had to upgrade my mouse to a newer Logitech model to access this feature, as my older model wasn't compatible with the necessary Logi Options Plus software. Interestingly, the AI Prompt Builder seemed to have its quirks, notably only activating outside my browser windows, which pushed me towards using ChatGPT directly through a browser tab for convenience.

Logitech has designed at least one mouse model, the M750 AI, equipped with a specific AI button, eliminating the need for software mapping. This special edition mouse is available in the US and UK, making it easier for users in these regions to access the AI Prompt Builder directly. However, if you already own a Logitech device, the AI Prompt Builder is accessible through the Logi Options Plus software without requiring the special mouse.

For the time being, Logi AI Prompt Builder's functionality is limited to English and compatible only with ChatGPT, though plans to expand to other chatbots are underway. The introduction of such features underscores Logitech's strategy to not only enhance the value of their peripherals but also suggests a broader industry move towards more integrated AI functionalities on PCs.

As more companies likely follow suit, introducing various AI-enhanced features, it raises the question of which AI buttons or functionalities will become preferred by users for interacting with their digital assistants.