Now Apple Vision Pro Personas can float freely across different apps

Calvin D

Beginning today, users of Vision Pro personas are set to experience an upgrade that transcends merely existing as ephemeral entities during FaceTime conversations. This enhancement allows them to engage actively within SharePlay-compatible applications, enabling them to collaborate, partake in gaming, or enjoy media content collectively.

Dubbed as the "spatial Persona" by Apple, this feature aims to simulate the sensation of sharing a physical space with fellow participants. Initially teased in last year's developer previews, this capability has only just been integrated into the actual Persona beta. Though the concept may seem abstract, a visual demonstration is available in the accompanying video to offer clarity.


The innovative aspect of this feature lies in its user autonomy; individuals can manipulate their viewpoints and adjust object positioning without affecting the perspectives of others in the session. Additionally, spatial audio is designed to enhance the immersive experience by conveying the directional presence of participants within the virtual environment.

Activating this functionality requires operating on VisionOS 1.1 or higher and opting for the spatial Persona mode during a FaceTime interaction. The system supports concurrent participation for up to five individuals in a single spatial Persona session.

The practical efficiency of this feature remains to be evaluated, particularly given its reliance on SharePlay and the nascent state of the Vision Pro app ecosystem. Whether this technological advancement can significantly mitigate feelings of solitude, transforming solitary movie viewings with the virtual company of another 'ghostly' Persona, is yet to be determined.