Sony's PS5 Pro is confirmed and developers are preparing for it

Calvin D

Sony is gearing up to launch a more powerful PS5 console, possibly by the end of this year, sparking excitement among gaming enthusiasts. Recent leaks and a subsequent report from The Verge have unveiled a complete set of specifications for the so-called PS5 Pro. The buzz is that developers are being nudged to make their games compatible with the enhanced capabilities of the new console, especially to maximize the utilization of ray tracing, promising a significant upgrade in gaming experiences.

Dubbed 'Trinity', the PlayStation 5 Pro is expected to pack a punch with a superior GPU and a slightly boosted CPU speed. Sony's primary focus appears to be on boosting the machine’s ability to support ray tracing, achieve higher resolutions, and maintain smoother frame rates in various games. With this move, Sony is encouraging game developers to push the envelope on graphics quality, offering the possibility for games to bear a “Trinity Enhanced” label if they bring considerable improvements to the table.

In terms of specifications, Sony anticipates the PS5 Pro’s GPU to outperform the standard PS5's by roughly 45%. This is partly due to the PS5 Pro employing a larger GPU that works with faster system memory, significantly enhancing ray tracing performance. A noteworthy improvement includes a more effective ray tracing architecture, making the PS5 Pro thrice as fast as its predecessor in this regard, presenting a leap forward in rendering high-quality visuals.

Sony plans to continue selling the standard PS5 model alongside the new PS5 Pro, indicating that both versions will receive game support. Developers are, hence, expected to create single packages for games that work seamlessly across both the PS5 and PS5 Pro, with the option for existing games to be optimized further for the Pro model. Insider Gaming has revealed that the PS5 Pro might hit the shelves in time for the 2024 holiday season, suggesting that Sony is preparing for a pivotal launch.

Unique to the PS5 Pro will be enhancements to the system memory, with Sony promising a 28% increase in memory speed over the standard PS5. This adjustment not only benefits the new PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) feature, aimed at elevating frame rates and image quality but also grants developers greater access to system memory. This addition is expected to pave the way for future developments in upscaling technologies, supporting resolutions up to 8K and potentially improving latency, marking a significant step forward in the pursuit of truly immersive gaming experiences.