The new Google Vids product enables the creation of customized videos with AI assistance

Calvin D

All major vendors are exploring ways to incorporate AI into helping users create inventive content. During the Google Cloud Next conference in Las Vegas, Google announced an exciting addition to their offerings - Google Vids, an AI-driven video creation tool. This innovative tool is set to join the Google Workspace productivity suite upon its launch.

"I'm thrilled to introduce something groundbreaking. At Google Cloud Next, we're lifting the curtain on Google Vids, a new AI-powered video creation app designed for work," stated Aparna Pappu, VP & GM at Google Workspace, during the tool's introduction.

The purpose behind Google Vids is to offer a video creation utility that integrates seamlessly with other Workspace applications like Docs and Sheets, providing users with the ability to generate and collaboratively edit videos directly in the browser. "Imagine having a video editing, writing, and production assistant all rolled into one," mentioned Pappu. "Our tool is designed to transform existing assets, whether they're marketing copy or images stored in your drive, into captivating videos."

Much like other tools within Google Workspace, Google Vids allows for real-time collaboration in the browser, eliminating the need to send files through email. "You and your colleagues can simultaneously work on the project, benefiting from the same level of access control and security standards upheld across all Workspace tools," Pappu explained.

Users of Google Vids can create various types of videos, from product pitches and training materials to team celebration clips. Starting with a simple prompt describing the desired video outcome, users can utilize files from their Google Drive or Google's stock content. The AI then crafts a storyboard that reflects the user's vision. Participants can tweak the storyboard, add transitions, choose a template, and insert an audio track - either by recording their own voice or using a scripted, preset voice. Once content with the final product, users can produce the video, with colleagues having the ability to provide feedback or suggest edits throughout the process.

Currently, Google Vids is in a limited testing phase. It plans to extend testing to more users in Google Labs come June, eventually making it available to customers subscribed to Gemini for Workspace.