Third-party iPhone app store AltStore PAL is now live in Europe

Calvin D

The app marketplace now available charges €1.50 (plus tax) annually, introducing with it a free Nintendo emulator named Delta and a clipboard manager called Clip.

The third-party iOS app store, AltStore PAL, has officially launched in the European Union. This was made possible by Apple adhering to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the region. An annual subscription of €1.50 (plus tax) is required, aimed at covering Apple’s Core Technology Fee (CTF) to facilitate the installation of the app marketplace.

To install AltStore PAL, users must navigate through various warning screens set up by Apple, designed to ensure the user truly intends to install apps from outside of Apple's own App Store. Despite being quite cumbersome, with enough persistence, the app eventually installs.

AltStore PAL debuts with two key apps developed by Riley Testut: Delta, a versatile emulator that supports a range of Nintendo games, and Clip, a clipboard manager not permitted by Apple. The marketplace is a collaborative effort between Testut and his business partner, Shane Gill. Also notable is Delta's launch in Apple’s App Store for users outside of Europe, offering a silver lining for those affected by the recent iGBA issue.

AltStore PAL has adopted a unique approach by integrating with Patreon for monetization, thereby supporting developers who wish to distribute beta apps as a reward for crowd-funded projects, a practice currently not allowed in the App Store. To counterbalance the CTF, Delta will be available for free, while acquiring Clip necessitates a minimum monthly Patreon pledge of €1 (plus tax).